Assistants In Surgery


The terms, Surgical Assistant, Surgical First Assistant and Certified Surgical First Assistant all describe individuals who routinely assist surgeons with many types of surgical procedures. Surgical First Assistants provide highly skilled intra-operative services to Florida’s surgeons and their patients.

The role of the SFA is supported by the American Medical Association, The American College of Surgeons and the Florida Medical Association. 

Certified Surgical First Assistants have been credentialed by one or more of the following nationally accredited organizations:

  • The Association of Surgical Technologists (AST)
  • The National Surgical Assistant Association (NSAA)
  • The American Board of Surgical Assisting(ABSA)

Each organization requires their members to complete specialized surgical training and to participate in continuing medical education programs to maintain certification as a CSFA.

SFAs practice under the direct supervision of  surgeons in many Florida hospitals, medical centers and outpatient surgical centers. An SFA is granted privileges to practice at these facilities following a thorough review by a medical credentials committee. SFAs maintain medical malpractice insurance and are subject to the rules, regulations and bylaws of the facilities that they practice within.


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